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Supporting the pro-life mission of the Church

St. John's Pro-Life Ministry joins the annual March for Life, prays the rosary regularly for the unborn and those in danger of an untimely death, provides necessary items to struggling new mothers, and much more.

If you're interested in joining our pro-life efforts, contact:

Nancy Zevgolis: [email protected]



1. Please join us for the next First Saturday Devotion, December 4th.

Mass with communion, confession,the rosary and Father Smith will be giving the meditation for this month. 


2. Just a reminder to continue  saying the memorare for the upcoming hearing of the Supreme Court on Dec. 1st.

And join us on the first for a Holy Hour for Life at 7pm. Let's fill the church for Life. 


3. Thank you to everyone participating in saying the memorare.  We went through over 600 prayer cards. More cards were made and are in the back of the church.

After December 1st, we are asking everyone to say 1 memorare a day until the decision is announced in June 2022.




"This Christmas why not give the gift of life in someone's name. Please be sure take a card off the tree in the back of the church for the Gabriel/Rachel Projects."



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Home Educators is a group of homeschooling families

We are members of St. John the Evangelist Church. Under the spiritual direction of our pastor, our primary mission is to support each other's vocation as the principal and primary teachers of our children through prayer, works of mercy, as well as educational, spiritual, and social activities.

For more info contact:

Susan Whiteis: (276) 521-2694; [email protected]








Trail Life USA guides generations of courageous young men to honor God, lead with integrity, serve others, and experience outdoor adventure. 

This mission seeks to instill Christian morals in our boys as they grow into young men serving the Lord and in turn our society. Membership is open to boys K – 12.

For more information please visit Trail Life USA's website:

Trail Life USA

The Columbian Squire Roses is a group of Catholic girls ages 10-18 seeking to become women of character and Christian leaders.

Sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, the program enhances a young woman’s opportunities in life, giving her the leadership training and moral guidance she needs to succeed and to serve others.

The Squire Roses meet every first and third Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 pm in the conference room.

To learn more please contact:
Mrs. Laura Neil: (478) 397-8936; [email protected] 

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