Sacramental Records Request

For Godparents & Sponsors:

Please Note - We require three week's notice for a Sacramental Record to be issued.

Parish Registration is required before the parish can issue a sponsorship certificate for those asked to be sacramental sponsors or godparents. 

  •      You must be a registered, contributing member for at least six months before a certificate is provided.
  •      We require three week's notice for a Certificate of Eligibility to be issued. 

  •      Canon law requires: 

    • A Godparent/Sponsor MUST be a practicing Catholic, MUST be up-to-date on all his/her sacraments, MUST be at least 16 years of age, MUST attend Mass weekly,  and if married, must be married in the Catholic Church.

    • Lapsed Catholics or a Catholic married outside the church may NOT be a sponsor for Baptism.

Sacramental Records Request

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